Warframe Song - "Get Modded"

by Aftalyfe

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Spent so much time playing Warframe this was bound to happen.



Get (modded)
Get (wicked) get (primal)
Get (phenomenal)
Get (dominant) get (sovereign)

Get (modded)
Get (worthy) get (godly)
Get (extravagant)
Get (biblical) get (incredible)


My prime is now cause my flow is primed
My rhyme is loud like a banshee (oh)
Dont need a cypher when I go to spy
Every code is like Da Vinci's (code)

Carry everything with me, my carriers with me
My trinity's with me so Carrie Anne quickly
Equip me with energy, LF Neo Relic
I said that I'm LF Neo,

Get it? Smooth operator
Even when enemies
cover my radar, got lots of mods and I'm
Ready to trade em', taking the syndicate

Down (down) no mission impossible
Now (now), my fragor gon toss em
Around (round), LF neurodes I
Found three, I'll use them for stuff in my

I dont need a volt in order to achieve a
level of a movement on a beat that is
Equivalent to motherfuckin flash and everytime I'm on a
Mission I'm the first at the extraction point

I'm hustlin I guess that you can call it credit farming, I'm a
Nemesis to everyone and everything cause I'm adaptin
Like a battalyst so every battle is pointless
I guess thats my point


Kill 24 warframes per
Second and more, a second before, I
Step in the lore of second dream, I
Level the void with every team

My record is big as my platinum status
The stalker's upon us, it's coming to get us
I'm ready to decimate Corpus. desecrate
Corpses, excavate formas, droppin em

Puns like cephalon ordis, heluva
Run, this Tenno is known as son of a
Gun, controllin the crowd like I'm an
Important member of families known to be

Stone cold, you better run to a
Snow globe, either go hard or
Go home, your credits are always
So low, you dont have a clan boy you

Solo, I'm cuttin these lancers in
Slow-mo, gotta go find me an
Orokin cell, I can sell you an
Old War, Get it? Old War?

Oh lord, isn't this something we must discuss
Ashes to ashes and frost to frost
There is a reason it's why we must get...


released October 11, 2016
Produced, written and mixed by me. Some samples are taken out of the game itself and are property of Digital Extremes.



all rights reserved


Aftalyfe Croatia

Aftalyfe is a hip-hop producer, performer, lyricist and beatmaker.

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